Murat Saatcioglu

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Murat Saatcioglu
Chaire de recherche de l'Université en génie sismique et Professeur éminent

Ph.D. (Northwestern)
M.A.Sc. (Toronto)
B.S. (Middle East Tech., Turkey)

Pièce : CBY A613
Bureau : 613-562-5800 poste 6129
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Dr. Saatcioglu is a Distinguished University Professor and University Research Chair in the Department of Civil Engineering, at the University of Ottawa, specializing in reinforced concrete structures. His research interests include performance, analysis and design of structures under extreme loads, such and earthquakes, bomb blasts and tsunamis. He is currently the Director of the Hazard Mitigation and Disaster Management Research Centre of the University of Ottawa, which focuses on “all hazards” approach to risk mitigation.

Dr. Saatcioglu has conducted extensive experimental and analytical research on earthquake and blast engineering. He has developed seismic and blast retrofit technologies for existing substandard infrastructure, as well as design and analysis methodologies for new construction. His research extends into the use of fibre reinforced polymers (FRP) in the construction industry. He has conducted seismic and tsunami reconnaissance investigations after major earthquakes, and contributed towards “lessons learned” after major natural disasters.

Dr. Saatcioglu has been involved in the development of codes and standards. In particular, the seismic provisions of the National Building Coder of Canada, the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) S806 Standard on “Design and Construction of Building Structures with Fibre-Reinforced Polymers,” CSA Standard S850 on “Design and Assessment of Buildings Subjected to Blast Loads,” CSA S832 on “Seismic Risk Reduction of Operational and Functional Components of Buildings,” American Concrete Institute (ACI) 318 Building Code Code Requirements for Structural Concrete.

Dr. Saatcioglu is a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineers, Engineering Institute of Canada, American Concrete Institute Institute, and the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering. He is also a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, and the Canadian Association for Earthquake Engineering. He is currently a Director of the Board for the International Association for Earthquake Engineering. He is the recipient of numerous research and teaching awards and distinctions.

Dr. Saatcioglu is a true example of excellence in academia where an outstanding researcher transmits the roadmap for pursuit of knowledge to young researchers on a daily basis. He is the recipient of the Faculty of Engineering Excellence in Teaching Award, the University of Ottawa Excellence in Teaching Award, the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA) Excellence in Teaching Award, as well as the Lieutenant Governor's Award for Excellence in Teaching and most recently, the University of Ottawa Excellence in Education Prize.

Fields of Interest

  • Structural Engineering
  • Earthquake Engineering
  • Blast Engineering

Featured Awards and Recognition

  • A.B. Sanderson Award (2015)
  • Whitman Wright Award (2014)
  • Distinguished University Professor (2011)
  • Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering (2006)
  • Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada (2005)
  • Wason Medal (2005)
  • Casimir Gzowski Medal (2004 and 2001)
  • Excellence in Research Award (2001)
  • Raymond C. Reese Research Prize (2000)

Centres and Institutes

  • Centre for Hazard Mitigation and Emergency Management

Unité scolaire :
Département de génie civil

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