Liam Peyton

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Liam Peyton


Pièce : STE 1024Q
Bureau : 613-562-5800 poste 2122
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Professor Peyton spent 15 years as an independent consultant with his own company, The MirrorWorks Software Inc., specializing in innovation, knowledge transfer, and mentoring on projects that address the requirements of specific industries as they adopt new technology to automate and manage business processes including government, health care, telecommunications, and electronic commerce.

He is also certified as a consultant and instructor by Rational Corporation for UML, Object Oriented Design, and RUP and have mentored several teams in the adoption of agile development processes.

Fields of Interest

Liam Peyton's areas of interest includes model-driven data integration to support business processes and performance management, service oriented architectures, B2B networks, complex event processing, decision support, quality assurance and privacy especially as applied to health care.

He also teaches and does basic research in software engineering, electronic commerce and service oriented architecture.

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