Hommage à une professeure passionnée, Kathlyn Kirkwood

 En mémoire de Kathlyn Kirkwood 1972 à 2019

Hommage à une professeure passionnée, Kathlyn Kirkwood (1972-2019)

(Le vendredi 1er novembre, 2019)

Le lundi 28 octobre, les membres de la Faculté de génie et du Département de génie chimie et biologique ont été profondément attristés d'apprendre le décès de leur collègue, Kathlyn Kirkwood. Après une lutte acharnée contre le cancer, la professeure Kirkwood est décédée paisiblement lundi après-midi.

Kathlyn Kirkwood était une professeure exceptionnelle. Son dévouement pour l’enseignement et la réussite de ses étudiants était admirable. Ayant toujours à cœur le succès de ses étudiants, professeure Kirkwood a développé plusieurs cours tout au long de sa carrière, en veillant à ce qu'ils puissent en bénéficier pleinement. En tant que coordinatrice du programme coop pour le département, elle a offert soutien et mentorat auprès de plusieurs étudiants, les aidant à trouver de belles opportunités d’emploi.

Les contributions de Professeure Kirkwood à la Faculté ont été exceptionnelles. Elle a soutenu et inspiré plusieurs nouveaux membres du corps professoral. Elle a supervisé des étudiants diplômés, soutenu des programmes d'échanges et a même été directrice par intérim de son département. Sa générosité et sa compassion pour ses collègues étaient sans précédent et appréciées de tous.

Ses collègues se souviendront toujours de Kathlyn en tant que personne brillante, dévouée et rayonnante. En commémoration de sa vie et pour poursuivre sa passion pour la réussite des étudiants, le Département de génie chimique et biologique a nommé un fonds en son honneur, soit le fonds de Bourse commémorative Kathlyn Kirkwood. Ce fonds de bourses d’études permettra à des étudiants passionnés et dévoués du premier cycle, inscrits au programme de génie chimique, de poursuivre leurs études.

Aidez-nous à préserver la mémoire de professeure Kathlyn Kirkwood et également à appuyer des étudiants talentueux en contribuant au fonds de la Bourse commémorative Kathlyn Kirkwood.

Au nom de la Faculté de génie, nous adressons nos plus chaleureuses condoléances à sa famille en cette période difficile.

Ci-dessous, ses amis et collègues ont partagé des témoignages et souvenirs:

(Témoignages uniquement disponibles en anglais)

“Dr. Kirkwood was an inspiration, and will continue to be. She was one of the strongest person I had the privilege to have known, she was an unassuming brilliant person, quiet as a mouse but fierce as a lion, with unwavering courage. Truly.”

– Sylvie Saindon

“Kathlyn was one of our best faculty members in every aspect of the job. She was an outstanding teacher. Any time she was given a course to teach, if she was taking it over from another colleague, she would make sure to add on material, and the course was new, she would set it up so that students would really enjoy it. I always heard from many of our undergraduate students that found her one of the best teachers in the department. For a number of years she was our department academic CO-OP coordinator. She cared a great deal about our CO-OP program and made a number of changes to ensure students are evaluated fairly. In the mist of her illness last year, she agreed to be the interim chair for a number of months. She was adamant to get the job done. Incredibly smart woman with a very kind and fair personality. It was an honor for me to get to know her and to be her colleague. She will be truly missed.”

– Poupak Mehrani, Associate Chair Graduate Studies and Professor

“Kathlyn was one of those rare people that speak only when needed, and when they speak, it is intelligently. When Kathlyn chose to comment on something, be it a Department meeting or just chatting amongst colleagues, it was always something thoughtful and important. At the same time, she was a cheerful and positive person whenever I interacted with her. I remember Kathlyn in many ways: as one of our top undergraduate students when I taught her in the late 90’s; meeting her at a conference towards the end of her PhD; spending an evening with her and her husband Sean at a conference gala in Edmonton; welcoming her to the Department when she started working with us; and her brief time as Acting Chair, when she blew me away with her presence and take charge attitude. I was fortunate enough to co-author a paper with Kathlyn. My PhD student was working on a bioadhesive and we lacked the knowledge of how to assay that adhesive for biocompatibility, among other properties. Kathlyn was able to provide the missing knowledge and gave generously of her time and experience to help my student with her project. I am very proud that we were able to work together in such an effective way.”

– Marc Dubé, Vice-Dean Research and Professor

“I think it normal that in our last few steps here, we turn back to see what of value we leave behind. Kathlyn remarked upon how she was glad for the courses she developed and she insisted her Perry’s Handbook be passed onto her PhD student. But for those of us who knew her, what permeates the space in Kathlyn’s wake is her stoic heart and strength of spirit, both remarkable and precious.”

– David Taylor, Vice-Dean Quality Assurance and Teaching Innovation and Professor

“I will remember Kathlyn as exceptional woman and passionate Professor. She was dedicated to her students and to all the students of the department, in teaching and as a CO-OP coordinator. She was doing an incredible job as a CO-OP coordinator in looking for opportunities for students and mentoring them in their professional skill development, with an individual follow of each student. She put tremendous efforts in the exchange program with Tianjin University). She was also very supportive with me as a new Faculty member by sharing advice and being inspiring.”

– Clémence Fauteux-Lefebvre, Assistant professor

“Kathlyn will be remembered as a nice person with her great heart, caring for her students, passionate about her work, fair, and intelligent. She is a good colleague and a friend.”

– Xudong Cao

“Kathlyn brought a warm smile, intelligence, and a reliable, fair, and hard work ethic to the department. Her personality was cheery, friendly, and collaborative. She was a perceptive, intelligent, and caring person. I will remember her for her passion for the training of her students in the classroom and in her research lab, as well as her contagious laugh. Kathlyn is one of the few people who has eyes that can be described as twinkling.”

– Sidney Omelon, Former colleague and Professor

“I have memories of Kathlyn both in the university and in the community. At the university, I was a last minute replacement to teach her class while she was having chemotherapy, after her initial cancer diagnosis. I remember her always being willing to be an examiner for my student’s theses, on fuel cells (one of her areas of expertise). Her questions were rigorous, insightful, and were always helpful for the students. In the community, we met at the Superstore in Westboro and at the Broadview School band concert. One of her children and one of my grandchildren were band members. I remember Kathlyn as a super-nice person who always pitched in to do what was needed. She leaves an enormous vacuum behind. She will be missed.”

– Marten Ternan, Adjunct Professor

"Early in 2018 I offered Kathlyn the opportunity to replace me as Interim Chair from July 1st to December 31st 2018. What I didn't know at that time was that her cancer had returned. However, after I offered her this position, she updated me on her situation and asked for a day to think about it. The very next day, she accepted and I could tell that she had thought carefully about her decision and her yes really meant yes. She did a marvelous job as the Interim Chair. Kathlyn was never very outspoken and wasn't usually putting herself in the frontline or seeking attention, but she was a natural leader, a true leader. I will miss her professionalism and passion, which do not always go side by side, but in her case, they did."

– Boguslaw Kruczek, Chair of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering and Professor

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